Retirement Plan

The EPC offers a 403(b)(9) defined contribution retirement plan to eligible employees and ministers. Similar to a 401(k), a 403(b)(9) provides for individual participant investment accounts that can be used to invest funds on a tax-deferred basis to be withdrawn during retirement. A unique feature of a 403(b)(9) is that ordained ministers may allocate a portion of their retirement withdrawals to tax-exempt housing allowance, subject to IRS limits. When requesting your retirement withdrawal, please indicate to Fidelity you are a pastor.


  Retirement Planning Information from Fidelity


The EPC Retirement Plan utilizes Fidelity Investments to provide and maintain a wide variety of investment options. Participants may review those investment options, adjust their allocations and check on the performance of those investments by logging onto Fidelity NetBenefits.

Participants have access to their account information through Fidelity's toll-free number (1-800-343-0860) and through Fidelity

To access your investment information, check transactions and request status information, you must first register at Fidelity

Investment Options Guide

Additional Fidelity Communications:

Asset Allocation - What is it and why it's so important to your future?

Information requiring Retirement Planning and Freedom Funds.


EPC Board of Benefits - Retirement Plan

  • Statement of Investment:  Policies and Objectives adopted 2-25-2006

  • Defined Contribution Retirement Plan Document:   You may download, view or print the most up-to-date version of the EPC Defined Contribution Retirement Plan document by clicking here.

  • Click here for the 2010 Retirement Plan Amendment.

  • Click here for the Nov 2011 Retirement Plan Amendment.


  • Adoption Agreement

Church Administrators: For a qualified employee to participate in the EPC Retirement Plan, his or her employer (i.e. church) must complete the Adoption Agreement.  Employers must submit a printed copy since an original signature is required (may fax a copy to (734) 742-2034).  Click here for the Adoption Agreement form.

  • Account  Application, Beneficiary Designation and Salary Reduction & Termination Forms

Church Administrators: To enroll a qualified participant, the participant completes the Account Application & Beneficiary Designation forms (submit to the Office of the General Assembly, not to Fidelity).  Should a qualified  participant wish to have money withheld from their salry on a regular basis, it is necessary for them to complete the Salary Reduction Agreement form and submit it to their PAYROLL department.  Should the participant wish, at a later time, to stop their salary reduction, they must sign the Termination Clause form located at the bottom of the Salary Reduction form and likewise forard to the PAYROLL department.  Once enrolled, participants may update their information by logging onto Fidelity netBenefits or calling 800-343-0860.


  • Instructions for typing directly onto the form are listed below:
    • Use your tab key or mouse to get to the appropriate fields
    • Click on the appropriate check boxes
    • Tab or use your mouse to get to the next field
    • Print
    • Sign and date
    • Give to your church officer or authorized person to approve
      • Church officer or authorized person will fax or email to:  
      • (734) 742-2034
    • Click here for the Fidelity Account Application
    • Click here for the Fidelity Beneficiary Form.
    • Click here for the Salary Reduction Agreement & Termination Form (please return this form to YOUR PAYROLL DEPARTMENT.  
    • Click here for the Fidelity Investments Option Guide (Nov 2013)      

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