Constitutional Revisions Committee

The 29th General Assembly (2009) instructed the Moderator to appoint a committee to review the Book of Order “for the purpose of identifying terms, sentences, paragraphs, and/or sections that are not clear and/or which may cause confusion when applied, and further, to offer revisions as needed, to assure clarity of intent and meaning of implementation.”  Since January 2010 a committee composed of Howard Shockley (Teaching Elder and Stated Clerk, Mid-Atlantic Presbytery), James Quillin (Retired Teaching Elder, Central South Presbytery) and Ted Brandsma (Ruling Elder, Presbytery of the West), resourced by Assistant Stated Clerk Ed McCallum, has been at work to complete the task.

Revised Book of Government

Following input from Sessions and Presbyteries and review by the Permanent Judicial Commission, the Constitutional Revisions Committee presented a Revised Book of Order to the 33rd General Assembly (June 2013).  The Assembly approved the document and sent it to the Presbyteries to consider as a Descending Overture.  If 3/4 of the Presbyteries approve, it will come to the 34th General Assembly for ratification.

Draft Revision of the Book of Worship

The 33rd General Assembly (June 2013) received a proposed revision of the Book of Worship with instructions to forward it to Sessions and Presbyteries for review and input by December 31, 2013.