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GRaD is a movement of EPC College Ministries to Gather, Resource, and Develop EPC leaders to engage and transform today’s college and university culture—one student and one campus at a time.

“The Revival that God sent during the Reformation was born in the University.” 

“Many young people find their time on campus represents the most spiritually formative period in their lives.”


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  • Models of Ministry to Assist EVERY EPC Church in Reaching Students and Campuses

A few notable movements that were born in the university or young adult populace that have impacted the course of Christianity:

  • 1st C – Paul at Ephesus in the Lecture Halls of Tyrannus
  • 13th C – St. Francis of Assisi and Other Disenchanted Upper and Middle Class Young Adults in Italy Raising up Over 200,000 Missionaries
  • 16th C – Reformers – Luther, Zwingli and Calvin in Academia and Lecture Halls
  • 19th C – The Haystack Movement and Student Volunteer Movement of Foreign Missions