NOC Strategy - Home Missions


In partnership, cooperation with, and/or at the request of presbytery, we will enable workers to present the love of Christ to people groups in the USA who are unreached by the established church.


  • To identify unreached people groups in the USA needing Christ’s love.
  • To find and nurture qualified missionaries who will live with these groups.
  • To assist these workers in securing funds for their ministries.
  • To work toward establishing churches among these people groups, or if not possible, to link them with existing churches.

National Outreach Home Missionaries

John and Diane Davis Pastor Kevin Brown
Border Transitions Ministry Trinity Christian Community
2520 Lane Street P O Box 13665
Laredo, TX  78043 New Orleans, LA  70185-3665             
956-763-4051 504-482-7822 
John Bueno
Latins United Christian Ministries
2906 S. 165th Avenue
Omaha, NE 68130

Border Transitions Ministry Newsletters:


Latins United Christian Ministries Newsletters: 

For further information or to contribute to the work of Home Missions, contact the National Outreach Committee.