Websites for Parents & Youth Workers


Web guru, Mitch Kapor, once said that "getting information off the internet is like taking a drink from a fire hydrant." We decided to go easy on you and recommend a few cupfuls of worthwhile websites for youth ministry workers and parents of teenagers.

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Church Volunteer Central

  • Group Magazine's thorough resource for churches that are looking for a centralized place to gather information on and help with running a safe and effective volunteer ministry. |

  • This site, run by Christian Ministry Resources, is a subscription site that will grant you and your church access to the latest and most essential financial and legal issues, developments and advice facing church leaders today.

Egad! Ideas |

  • Hundreds of ideas for sermons, games, crafts, dramas, mission trips, retreats, worship, scavenger hunts and more!

Group |

  • Group has put together a website loaded with a wide variety of youth ministry resources: ministry ideas, networking, strategies, links, and a great online store.

Intersect Community |

  • Former Sonlife guys, Steve Argue and Dave Livermore, have launched an incredible ministry and website for ministry leaders in the church - a community intersecting for theological, personal and missional formation.

Ministry & Media |

  • The latest reviews on movies, TV, music, video games, etc. Regular visits to this site can keep you up to speed with the specifics of your students' entertainment world.

The Source for Youth Ministry |

  • This is youth ministry speaker and veteran, Jonathan McKee's site. His site is jam-packed with good practical help for youthworkers-ideas, links, resources, a Q & A forum, skits and games, etc.

Youth Specialties |

  • Youth Specialties does much of the pioneering, publishing and training in the field of youth ministry. This site is loaded with an online store, job bank, relevant articles, training opportunities, free stuff and more! l

  • Youth ministry forums, links, games, initiatives, etc.

Group l

  • The resources of Group Magazine crammed into their sweet website. l

  • Youth ministry ideas, news, contacts, resources and blogs.

Youthworker Idea Station

  • Ice breakers, games, illustrations, trivia questions, activities, tips, etc.

Ministry Power l

  • It claims to be the web's leader in "bible-based powerpoint games & resources."

Youth Ministry Helper l

  • An impressive site full of youth ministry strategies, freebies, links, ideas, etc.

National Network of Youth Ministries l

  • The National Network of Youth Ministries endeavors to network youth pastors from across the country and denominational lines.  You can find or join a local network at their website.

Center for Parent & Youth Understanding |

  • Walt Mueller's site is a cornucopia of facts, stats and insightful articles that will help keep you in touch with the pulse of today's youth culture. Get on their weekly email update list-it'll be worth it!

Choosing a College |

  • It's a pretty impressive online resource that you should be directing your high school sophomores, juniors and seniors to. Get familiar with it yourself-it'll be worth your time.

Plugged In |

  • This is Focus on the Family's focus on culture. It features film, television, and music reviews as well as updates on cultural trends that affect young adults.

Screen It |

  • Screen It doesn't really review films like Plugged In does. Rather it's helpful if you want to find out the nitty-gritty details of a particular film's level and frequency vulgarity, nudity, drug use, violence, etc.

Understanding Your Teenager

  • What UYT's mission?  To help teenagers by helping their parents.  Research has proven that teenagers are more likely to succeed in life if they have parents who will stay involved in their lives - all the way through adolescence.  They want to help parents understand their kids better and stay connected.

Child & Family Web Guide l

  • Although not a Christian website, Tufts University has composed a strong site dedicated to helping parents navigate the challenges of raising children. 

Connect With Kids l

  • A great site dedicated to helping parents better understand and communicate with their teenaged children. 

Confident Parenting l

  • A site that endeavors to live up to its name by offering tools, tips and resources.

MOMS in Touch l

  • An amazing network of mothers who pray diligently and regularly for their children and their teachers and their schools. l

  • A site dedicated to all kinds of fathers who need a little extra help in raising their sons and daughters wisely.

Institute for Youth Development l

  • The Institute for Youth Development (IYD) has developed this site for parents, teachers, youth leaders and mentors to help teenagers escape lifestyles of risky behaviors concerning alcohol, drugs, sex, tobacco and violence.

Bible Gateway |

  • This site is great to have on hand whenever you need to find that passage or verse you're looking for-in 19 different versions of course.

NewMinister.Com |

  • New to the ministry?  Take (or better yet, make) a few minutes to check out "The 12 Most Important Legal and Tax Issues for New Ministers."  This can save you headaches, give you tax breaks and keep you out of court dates.

Randy Glasbergen l

  • A Glasbergen cartoon a day will keep you chucklin' & grinnin'.

Christian Camp & Conference Association l

  • Looking for a good Christian camp?  Start your search here.

Short Term Missions l

  • Looking for a trusted organization to send your short-term team through?

Bluefish TV l

  • Downloadable parodies, stories & illustrations to help you teach.

Desiring God l

  • All things John Piper...what's not to like?

Center for Youth Studies l

  • Packed full of stats, news, research and information about youth culture.

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