Youth Membership Curriculum

Back in 2001, Student & Young Adult Ministries (as we were known back then) began to draft a youth membership curriculum to meet a rising demand from youth leaders and pastors across the EPC. This final version was reviewed and approved by 25th General Assembly for use in all EPC churches.  It is our hope that you will find this material useful in communicating the life-changing message of the gospel and other vital theological essentials of the EPC to students wanting to deepen their understanding of and commitment to Christ and His church.  

This Membership Curriculum is the meat and bones of what we in the EPC deem as the essentials to understanding the broad scope of salvation from a Reformed perspective.  Each of the 10 lessons are based upon the key Confession Statements of the Westminster Confession of Faith and include discussion questions for your students:

Lesson 1      The Word of God
Lesson 2     Who is God?
Lesson 3      Jesus Christ
Lesson 4      Holy Spirit & Trinity
Lesson 5      Salvation (Pt 1)
Lesson 6      Salvation (Pt 2)
Lesson 7      The Sacraments
Lesson 8      The Church
Lesson 9      Spiritual Gifts
Lesson 10     Membership/Church Life

Church leaders who guide their middle and high school students through this Curriculum should do their fair share of prior study and teaching preparation.  Supplemental materials and information should be provided by each church using the Curriculum.

The Youth Membership Curriculum has a new look!  It's the same great material with a facelift to give it a current look and feel.  We changed the graphics and downsized the book; there is also a new section where you can add your church information on the back cover.

Download an electronic copy in PDF and feel free to reproduce all or part of the curriculum as needed.  Contact the office of the General Assembly if you would like to purchase a hardcopy version.  

Click here to download Youth Membership Curriculum