Church Loan Fund


The General Assembly established a loan fund for church site and building development whereby on a revolving capitalization basis, low interest monies are available to mission churches and other churches in need.

After reviewing all the information below in our Loan Fund Criteria, you can return to the top of this page to view the Loan Application (in Microsoft Word format) by clicking here; to be filled out and sent back to us attached to an email. It can also be downloaded to be filled out and mailed to our Offices in Livonia, Michigan.  



1. Church must submit a Church Loan Fund Application (Section 2 of 3) along with the church's financial information, including balance, expense, and income statements, in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.

2. Fee rate: The original rate shall be established at the time the loan is made for a period of one (1) year and renewed on each succeeding anniversary date, and shall be based upon prevailing money market rates.*

3. Maximum term of loan:

  • Land - five years
  • Capital Improvements - five years
  • Equipment - five years
  • Building - fifteen years

Repayment minimum:

  • Land - 20% of original principal each year
  • Capital Improvements - 20% of original principal each year
  • Equipment - 20% of original principal each year
  • Building - 6.67% of original principal each year

Payable in twelve monthly installments each year, including above-noted principal plus 1/12 of applicable fees each month.

4. Loans shall be restricted for church site acquisition and/or building construction or purchase, capital improvements, or equipment purchase.

5. Maximum loan to any one church:

  • 10% of total Church Loan Fund or $150,000, whichever is larger;
  • 75% of the value of mortgaged property;
  • Debt service: an amount not to exceed 40% of a church's previous year's income (operating budget).

6. Security of loans

  • A presbytery shall contractually guarantee timely monthly repayment of mortgage upon the recommendation of its Church Development Committee following its determination that the loan is a sound financial venture.**
  • The Church Loan Fund shall carry a first or second mortgage on property for which the loan is being made.

7. Church must have adequate insurance, guaranteed title, and performance bonds from contractors involved.

8. Church must have proposed land for existing building appraised by a qualified appraiser. New construction should be granted by competitive bidding on plans.

9. If church disaffiliates with the EPC, for any reason, the loan principal balance becomes due immediately.

10. Community zoning laws must be allowable by such laws. These requirements should be satisfied prior to loan approval.

Adopted 1983
*Amended 1994
**Amended 1990
***Amended 2003

The Seven Step Process (SSP) of the Church Loan Fund (CLF)

Step 1
Each EPC church pastor and session seeking an EPC loan shall study and follow the Church Loan Fund Criteria Sheet and comply with each item in order to properly complete the CLF Application. At this time, alert the respective Presbytery Church Development Committee of the church's Application.

Step 2
Each church will submit the Loan Fund Application to the General Assembly Office for review.

Step 3
Submit the reviewed CLF Application, with all required supporting documents, to the local church's respective Presbytery Church Development Committee (CDC). A representative of the National Outreach Department of the Office of the General Assembly will assist in coordination with the Presbytery CDC.

Step 4
Verification and reasonable documentation of expenditures covered by the loan will be provided to the Church Loan Fund Committee.

Step 5
Approval by the Church Loan Fund Committee will be given after all preceding steps have been completed and are satisfactory.

Step 6
The EPC church that has been approved for a loan from the CLF will receive a certified check from the CLF through the General Assembly Office.

Step 7
Repayment of the loan shall be made according to an agreed-upon schedule of payments. Note: Loans on land, capital improvements, and equipment are to be paid within five years. Loans on church facilities are to be paid within fifteen years.