Core Values 

The foundation of World Outreach is the written Word of God. Building upon that foundation, we commit ourselves to

  • Faithful proclamation of the Gospel to the nations until the Lord returns,
  • Fervent prayer for the evangelization of the world, and
  • Active participation in that glorious task through ministries of Word and deed.

Seeking to be sensitive and responsive to the Holy Spirit’s work throughout the world, we pray that God will use us to

  • Gather God’s people, scattered among the peoples of the earth, into the Church of Jesus Christ.
  • Establish and develop indigenous Reformed churches that relate to one another in a connectional manner and that relate to their context in a biblically faithful and culturally compelling way.
  • Identify, train and develop national leadership from and for the indigenous churches.
  • Equip and motivate indigenous churches to participate in cross-cultural missions.

Pursuing these goals, we will endeavor to

  • Engage the participation of every member of the EPC in fulfilling the goals of our mission.
  • Partner with other evangelical churches and organizations to demonstrate the unity of the Body of Christ.
  • Administer entrusted resources in an efficient and effective manner with full accountability.
  • Provide excellent care for our missionaries, caring for them as family, doing all that we can to ensure their spiritual, physical, and emotional well being as individuals, families, and teams.

As the missions arm of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, we are also committed to the constitutional documents of our denomination, which are the Westminster Confession of Faith and Catechisms, the EPC Book of Order, and “Essentials of Our Faith.”

(The complete World Outreach "Master Plan" brochure, can be found under Publications.)