World Outreach: International Theological Education Network (ITEN)

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What is ITEN?

ITEN is a ministry track of EPC’s World Outreach focused on theological education and leadership training for nationals.  Simply put, the purpose of ITEN is: ‘…to develop teachers among unreached peoples who will develop teachers among other unreached peoples.’  ITEN works in tandem with our track for church planting among unreached peoples, particularly Muslims. 

To fulfill our purpose, ITEN aims to inspire, grow, unite, and improve the EPC’s theological education efforts in Europe, Africa, Asia, and Latin America.  Our goal is to grow training programs which develop mature, reproducing Christian leaders in those churches that emerge from work among unreached peoples.  It is our hope that those leaders will then lead their churches to reach their own people and ultimately other unreached peoples.

GoalITEN teaching

ITEN’s goal is:  To grow at least 10 training programs producing nationals as mature leaders of their own churches and as missionaries to unreached people groups by 2025 

‘10 training programs producing nationals as leaders and missionaries by 2025’

Beginnings: Counting to ten…where ITEN is working or hopes to work…

Training site—groups to be reached

  1. South-Central Asian seminary—to unengaged Muslims in the region
  2. UETS (Ukraine)/Eastern Europe—to unengaged Muslims in Caucuses and Central Asia
  3. SETECA Guatemala—seminary graduates go as Latins to Muslims
  4. Southeast Asian seminary—to rural Buddhists and Muslims
  5. Russia—to Russian Tatars and Central Asian Muslims
  6. Albania—to Albanian Muslims and Muslims in Caucasus and Central Asia
  7. Kazakhstan—to Kazakhs and other Muslims—Turkey, Caucuses, Central Asia
  8. Africa?
  9. Spain?
  10. Middle East?


ITEN helps complete WO’s commitment to ‘full cycle church planting.’

Church Planting Cycle

ITEN’s work harmonizes and works synergistically with WO’s church planting and E2025 efforts.  We seek to follow the New Testament model of collaboration between between Paul (church planting) and Apollos (leadership training; 1 Cor 3:57; Acts 18) for continued multiplication of churches.

What does ITEN do?

To accomplish the purpose and goal above, ITEN does four things:

  1. NETWORKING:              Cultivates a missionary teaching network among the EPC
  2. NEW MISSIONARIES     Sends new WO teaching missionaries
  3. FIELD MINISTRIES:        Assists our teaching missionaries’ ministries on the field
  4. PARTNERSHIPS:             Forms partnerships with global education organizations

Who is involved in ITEN?

ITEN involves a team of ITEN staff (Coordinator and Associate Coordinator), WO teaching missionaries on field assignments, and volunteer teams around the US.

Anyone in the EPC can join our network by simply expressing interest and providing an email address for our database.

What are our plans for the next five+ years?


How can you get involved in ITEN?

There’s a place for you!

  • Join our network and receive our communications by simply giving us your email address
  • Go as a missionary—from one week to career
  • Volunteer to serve on a team right where you are in the US or elsewhere—teaching/mentoring, books/libraries, administrative help, facilities/building projects, website/media, and more
  • Financially support our missionaries and projects

To learn more or get involved

Please contact Bruce Anderson, ITEN Coordinator, at .

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