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World Outreach has recently produced the latest edition of our EPC World Outreach Directory and Prayer Guide to help you know details such as these, and specific, ongoing prayer needs for the EPC families who make up the EPC World Outreach missionaries. This new and greatly enhanced edition is designed to stand upright on your kitchen counter, your office desk, or your bedside night stand.  Flipping one page a day will allow you to learn about and pray for all of your EPC missionaries in about seven weeks – and then you can start all over again.  Or, if you pray for each missionary unit for a full week you can cover the whole WO family in just under one year’s time. 


Each page also includes a quote, phrase, or Bible passage to help you think about the crucial role of missions in the purpose and plan of God. While praying for your missionaries, you can also meditate on these “thoughts for the day” to help stimulate your own passion for and commitment to ensuring that the good news of the Gospel is available to people from every walk of life, every language, every group of people around the world.


World Outreach would love to place a copy of this strategic tool in the hands of every member of the EPC.  To order your free copy, or a number of copies for your church, call Patti Moore at 734-838-6945 or email her at .

THE MUSLIM WORLD A Presbyterian Mandate

Since September 11, 2001, a myriad of books, magazine articles, and websites about Muslims and ministry to them have proliferated.  Any given day brings news of events in the Muslim world.  This increased exposure has not been for naught, and Christians have gained a new awareness of Muslims and a growing concern for their eternal souls.  There are currently more than 8,000 missionaries who have spurned the unavailability of missionary visas and gained residency among Muslims in North Africa, the Middle East, Central Asia, the Indian subcontinent, and among Muslim people groups in China, Malaysia, and Indonesia.  Can fresh methodologies coupled with perseverance result in the most effective evangelism and church planting movement ever accomplished among peoples?

In this book, veteran missionary Greg Livingstone issues a challenge for Presbyterians and other Reformed believers to rededicate themselves to their foundational calling:  taking the gospel to those people and places that have no access to the Good News - particularly in the Muslim world.

This book is available for purchase in our EPC Bookstore item TMW-1

You've Got Libya

“Born out of wedlock, unwanted at birth, how did Greg Livingstone become a pioneer in missions to unreached Muslim peoples?” Find out in this life story of Greg and Sally Livingstone. Greg is the founder of Frontiers and was instrumental in launching his denomination (Evangelical Presbyterian-EPC) into a focus on reaching the Muslim world for Christ.

Phil Parshall said, “It is a hard book to put down.”

George Verwer said, “Get more than one copy, so you can pass it on.”

Jeff Jeremiah said, “Greg is open and honest about his strengths and especially his weaknesses.”

This book is available for purchase at

Presbyterian-Reformed Churches in mission to the Muslim World

For a synopsis of the earliest history of Presbyterian-Reformed churches in mission to the Muslim world By Greg Livingstone, click here

From Seed To FruitFrom Seed to Fruit - Resource Book

Global Trends, Fruitful Practices, and Emerging Issues among Muslims

What practices is God blessing in raising up groups of Jesus-followers among Muslims?

And how shall we understand Muslim peoples and their access to Biblical witness?

In recent years, workers from a growing number of organizations have begun to discuss such questions. Their initial insights were refined by a broad group of workers in a consultation in the spring of 2007, further analyzed in subsequent months, and compiled in this volume. “From Seed To Fruit” presents the most recent worldwide research on witness to Christ among Muslim peoples, using Biblical images from nature to show the interaction between God’s activity and human responsibility in blessing these peoples.

Several from EPC's World Outreach ministry were involved in this consultation and we highly recommend it to you.  Click on this link to purchase.  Inside the book is a CD-ROM with supplemental resources on global trends and fruitful practices.

Encountering the World of Islam

Encountering Islam logo - EWI logoReaching Muslims seems impossible when we measure the distance by their resistance to the gospel and the divide between eastern and western culture. So it is difficult to ask Christians to invest themselves in what seems an impossible task.

However, World Outreach workers have seen Muslims embrace Christ and their experience is shared by most who minister to Muslims. Their desire to invest whatever they can in what seems impossible comes from the biblical vision of Christ’s love transforming lives where he is not yet worshipped.

Through five years spent in Indonesia, they have developed a heart for Muslims. Now God has led them away from Indonesia to continue their call to serve Muslims by awakening a heart of compassion for Muslims in others. They desire to shape churches’ vision of the Muslim world through greater understanding and experience of Muslims, producing greater obedience through participation in God’s work of redemption among them.

Currently they are involved in communicating this vision through the course Encountering the World of Islam (EWI). Modeled after the course Perspectives on the World Christian Movement, EWI is helping Christians love Muslims, and do what once seemed impossible.  Click on the link above to find out more about this course. Or email  to find out more.

 World Outreach Video

Want to get a basic overview of the ministry of World Outreach?  Want to help your congregation or your missions leadership to know and understand WO's vision and values?

World Outreach has produced an informational/inspirational/promotional video designed to do just that.  Packed with striking images, this one DVD includes both a 5-minute and 7-minute version.  To order your free copy, or a number of copies for your church, call Patti Moore at 734-742-2020 extension 6945, or email her at .

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