WO Itinerating Missionary Stage

As a part of this stage, the missionary will be asked to:
  • Participate in an orientation process, designed to familiarize the missionary with serving under World Outreach. If serving in a cooperative agreement, there will also be an orientation process with the cooperative agency.
  • Receive appropriate cross-cultural training.
  • Attend the General Assembly of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church to be presented to the people and churches of the EPC and to be commissioned as a missionary of the EPC.
  • Fulfill any special requirements that were a condition of appointment as a World Outreach missionary.
  • Raise 100% of the ongoing and one-time financial needs as reflected in the approved Terms of Call.
  • Provide a detailed plan for language acquisition, and, in some cases, to begin language study.
  • Submit a variety of documents to the World Outreach office for our files.