Do you know that God has called you to take the gospel of Jesus to people who do not know Him? Has the Lord put a burden on your heart for the 195 million Americans who are outside the family of God? Are you motivated by a desire to make a difference with your life? Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit? Are you a visionary? Do you yearn to be part of a church that is seeing lives changed, disciples born & developed, families transformed? Do you enjoy seeing people effectively using the spiritual gifts the Lord has given them? Do you believe that God is concerned about the spiritual decline in America? Do you believe that He wants to raise up new churches to turn that around?

If any of these describe you, then just maybe, God is beginning to call you to be a part of the growing number of church planters. Why not see if God is opening that door for you?

Our denomination's Master Plan, entitled Vision 21, outlines an aggressive plan of church growth that is largely leveled by the planting of new churches. In addition, our Presbyteries are thinking very strategically in the area of church planting and pursuing all available options to maximize our efforts in the area of church planting. Bob Logan, the well known church growth consultant, has said, "Church planting is the single greatest tool for evangelism in American today!"

The National Outreach Committee conducts Church Planting Assessment Centers to help determine, gifts, skills, calling and, perhaps, God's will for future ministry. It is a 4-day intensive exercise for prospective church planters and spouses. If you are interested in current church planting opportunities, please contact the listed on the personnel page.