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2014-15 Book of Order available to download

You may now download the new 2014-15 Edition of the Book of Order.  This bookmarked PDF edition includes the new Book of Government ratified in June 2014 as well as updates to Acts of Assembly and Rules for Assembly.  The print version is in production.  There will be an ...

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New Book of Government available to download

Download the bookmarked Electronic Edition of the new Book of Government, approved by the 2014 General Assembly and in effect as of June 21, 2014.  It will be available in print in the 2014-15 edition of the Book of Order in early ...

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Guidelines for Media Interaction

As a young minister, I had the rich blessing of being mentored by Richard C. Halverson. Among the many nuggets of wisdom he shared with me was, “You are wise to learn from your mistakes the first time.” He added, “You are really wise to learn from the mistakes of ...

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Annual Reporting due March 31

Annual Statistical and Financial Reports for 2013 are due March 31. Please see www.epc.org/2013StatisticalReporing for instructions and the spreadsheet template for reporting.

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New IRS reporting requirement for churches

A little publicized deadline has already passed for a new IRS reporting requirement for churches - IRS Form 8822-B.  Read Richard Hammar's informative article on what church leaders need to know and/or pass this information along to the right person in your ...

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Annual Statistical-Financial Reporting

We regret to announce that the online database of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (www.epc.org) will not be available for 2013 reporting due to technical difficulties which, unfortunately, were not able to be resolved. You may still use the site to get previous years' reports. Clerks of ...

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2013 Annual Statistical/Financial Reporting

An overview of the 2013 Annual Statistical and Financial Reporting: Reports are collected on www.epcdata.org.  With your PIN, you may view and print reports from prevous years now.  The site is being prepared for 2013 data entry and you will not be able to enter new ...

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Federal Court ruling re: Minister’s Housing Allowance

On Saturday, November 23 the Associated Press reported that a federal judge in Wisconsin has struck down the law that gives clergy a housing allowance that is excluded from income tax. An important element of this ruling is that the housing allowances of pastors remain unaffected, because the ...

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2013-14 Book of Order is ready

Hard copies of the 2013-14 Book of Order are now available and may be ordered from http://www.epc.org/resources/order-epc-materials/ or by phone at 734-742-2020. The new edition contains eight amendments ratified by the 2013 General Assembly as well as updated Rules for Assembly and Acts ...

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End-of-year Task to Ensure Tax-Deductibility

To ensure tax deductibility of contributions to the church, the church needs to issue acknowledgement in writing of the contributions and contributors should not file their 2013 tax returns until they have received that acknowledgement. ManagingYourChurch.com (part of Christianity Today) suggests ...

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