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EPC's Cherry Hills Community Church's Sunday's sermon on suffering is going viral

Leadership magazine has posted it on its website; the Christian Post has done a lead article on it; Outreach has sent it to 215,000 pastors; Apologetics315 (the largest apologetics website) made it its lead feature and linking to the text, audio and video; Max Lucado tweeted it to his 500,000 ...

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3 new churches in Central South Presbytery say GRACIAS

Genesis Presbyterian (Mercedes, TX), San Benito Presbyterian (San Benito, TX) and Jesus Reigns Presbyterian (Brownsville, TX) are three new Hispanic EPC churches located in the Rio Grande Valley.  They sent a letter to the Central South Presbytery and the General Assembly Office ...

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Emergency Relief Offering for Crosspointe

On June 7, 2012 lightning struck Theatre 166, used by Crosspointe (EPC), in Carrolton, Texas causing extensive damage.  Contribute to the church's needs by writing a check to the Evangelical Presbyterian Church (address below), designated to "Crosspointe Emergency Relief" or by ...

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"Clinics in a Can" arrived safely in South Sudan

In the December 2011 edition of EPNews, we reported on the efforts of Covenant Presbyterian Church (EPC) in Omaha, Nebraska  (CPC) to help the Methodist Health System reach South Sudan.  "Clinics in a Can" is a small hospital made from three 40-foot shipping ...

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Digest of 2012 General Assembly

You can read about what happened at our 2012 General Assembly at First Presbyterian Church (Baton Rouge, LA).  A digest of the daily activities, the results of votes, Face-To-Face contacts, links to the Commissioner’s Handbook and more are available at ...

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Crosspointe Church facilities damaged in storm

In a storm last night [June 7] in the Dallas, Texas area, Rev. Dave Wahlstedt, Pastor of Crosspointe Church, reports that lightning struck the building that the church was using for worship and the building was destroyed.

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Pastor Ikki Soma installation at City of Refuge

Hands on!        May 30, 2012 My home church installed our new pastor barely a week ago, and a single moment from that equally joyful and weighty occasion has gripped me ever since: Pastor Ikki Soma on his knees before the gathered assembly, wearing like a mantle the hands ...

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The Lawry's Adoption Process

Scott Lawry is pastor of Grace @ Bell Road (EPC) in Montgomery, Alabama.  Scott and Rachel Lawry are the parents of four young children.  Last Christmas, they believed that God was calling them to adopt an adolescent girl from Ukraine.  They met her while she was visiting ...

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Thirty Years of Grace … Cherry Hills Celebrates

CherryHillsCommunityChurch celebrated its 30th Anniversary on Sunday, March 4th, at all three morning worship services and at a reunion concert in the evening.   Stated Clerk Jeff Jeremiah represented the EPC at the celebration.  Jeff said, “The whole day was full of praise ...

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Hope Found in Manassas

Long before the Manassas Football team was featured in the Academy Award Winning Documentary, Undefeated, Hope could be found there. Oasis of Hope, a non-profit ministry of Hope Church, is entrenched in the community where Manassas High School is located, one of the poorest communities in ...

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