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Special Memories from 2013 General Assembly

Much of what happened at the 2013 General Assembly is a “blur” to me.  Thankfully, the Lord gives me “memorable moments” that help define each General Assembly in my mind.  Here are a few of those special memories from our meeting last month at Cherry Hills ...

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World Outreach Director Search Committee Appointed

The Committee on Administration (COA) approved the appointment of the World Outreach Director Search Committee on July 23.  This committee will call the successor to current World Outreach Director George Carey, whose term will end December 31, 2014.  “The COA’s goal is to ...

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EPC Joins With Others In “Standing Together for Religious Freedom”

= = = UPDATE July 31, 2013 = = = Stated Clerk Jeffrey Jeremiah quoted in "The Catholic World Report" article "In Their Own Words" - http://www.catholicworldreport.com/Blog/2468/in_their_own_words.aspx#.UfkNcaw8nhd  = = = July 9, 2013 = = = Stated Clerk Jeffrey Jeremiah, on behalf of the ...

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Don Fortson publishes "The Presbyterian Story"

S.Donald Fortson, III, EPC minister and Professor of Church History, Reformed Theological Seminary, has recently published The Presbyterian Story: Origins & Progress of a Reformed Tradition. The book contains a section on the history of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church. Jeff Jeremiah ...

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General Assembly Face-to-Face Opportunities

If you are a Search Committee member looking for a pastor and are attending the 33rd General Assembly meeting, then “Face to Face” is your opportunity to publicize your vacancy.  “Face to Face” will take place at the end of the Thursday morning business ...

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Free Resources Available for Choosing Children's Curriculum

Choosing the right curriculum is a daunting challenge for many in children's ministry. Ultimately, the program you choose to follow will impact the spiritual development of your children and will impact your volunteer teams' ability to serve effectively. This month, International Children’s ...

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Record Registrations for 2013 General Assembly

Be sure to complete your registration for the General Assembly meeting by May 31 - all fees double on June 1. As of the morning of May 30, a record 1,030 people have registered for the weeks events and meetings.

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Potential Web Site Hack - Secure Your Site

UPDATE - 25 June 2013 The information about Wordpress is incorrect. The hack occurred in a custom-designed CMS, not Wordpress.  = = = = = = Thank you to Reuel Sample (Presbytery of the Southeast) for sharing this information.   Dear Pastors: We recently discovered one of our member ...

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2013 General Assembly ... Women In Ministry

If you are an EPC woman author (books, articles, blogs) and attending the 2013 General Assembly in Denver (June 19-22), please contact EPC Interim Director of Women In Ministry Susan Nash at .  Susan would like to introduce our women authors at the REALation Drop-in on ...

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National Day of Prayer - May 2, 2013

Thursday, May 2, is the National Day of Prayer.  This year's theme, Pray for America, emphasizes the need for individuals, corporately and individually, to place their faith in the unfailing character of God, who is sovereign over all governments, authorities, and men.  Matthew 12:21 is ...

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