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Attending the 2014 General Assembly meeting?

Each year EPC folks from around the country and around the world gather to worship together, learn together, catch up with each other, make new connections, be spiritually refreshed, and do the business of the national church. For more details about the highlights below and for links to hotel ...

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Disturbing Statistics

A Mini-Conference in coming June 17 on “Healthy Habits for a Sustainable Life and Ministry” to help you develop strategies now so that you can do your part in reversing some disturbing statistics about pastors.

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Assembly Workshop and Worship June 18

Tuesday, June 18, will feature the Assembly Workshop on the topic "Transformation," led by Bob Roberts, and a Worship Service in the evening with Tim Keller preaching. Both will be at Cedar Springs Presbyterian Church, Knoxville, TN.

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2014 General Assembly

The 34th General Assembly takes place at Cedar Springs Presbyterian Church in Knoxville, Tennessee. It begins on Tuesday, June 17 with a Chaplains Workshop, a mini-workshop on "Healthy Habits for a Sustainable Life and Ministry" a World Outreach Meet and Greet, and a World Outreach dinner and ...

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Draft Revision - Book of Worship

The 33rd General Assembly (June 2013) received a proposed revision of the Book of Worship.  Sessions and Presbyteries will receive official notice soon asking for review and input by December 31, 2013.  The document and instructions for giving input are available at www...

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Revised Book of Government

The 33rd General Assembly (June 2013) approved a revision of the EPC Book of Government and sent it to the presbyteries as a Descending Overture. Presbyteries will be voting on whether or not to approve the Revision in their winter or spring meetings. If approved by 3/4 of the Presbyteries it will ...

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2014 General Assembly at Cedar Springs Presbyterian Church

The 34th General Assembly of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church will be held June 18-21, 2014 at Cedar Springs Presbyterian Church in Knoxville, Tennessee.  Tim Keller will be the speaker for the Assembly Workshop on Wednesday, June 18.  More details will be published in EPNews as they ...

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2013 General Assembly Recordings Available

Recordings of sermons and business sessions from the 33rd General Assembly at Cherry Hills Community Church (Highlands Ranch, CO) are available for purchase from National Conference Recording Service.  A recording of Rev. Sandy Willson's address at the World Outreach dinner is available ...

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Standing Committee Assignments and Documents for General Assembly

Most business coming to the meeting of the General Assembly goes first to a Standing Committees.  Each Commissioner completing the registration process by June 10 is assigned by the Nominating Committee to one of these Standing Committees, which meet Thursday, June 20 at 3 pm MDT. Click here ...

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33rd General Assembly Press Release

For a press release regarding the 2013 meeting of the EPC General Assembly, see http://www.epc.org/about-the-epc/press-releases/.

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