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The EPC Student and College Ministries is exploring 3 ideas based on the Interests and Expressed Needs of EPC Leaders.

Before proceeding, we want your input – let us know if you’re interesting in getting in on the Ground Floor of developing these concepts in the EPC.

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EPC Swap Tank  

  • Do you have resources that you can share to help launch?
  • Could you use resources shared by other EPC leaders?
  • Would you be willing to help beta test, prior to launch?

Swap Tank is a place where youth and college leaders come to share user-generated resources, creating a free platform giving access to quality resources ~ lesson plans, curriculum, small group questions, activities/games, media material and much more.

Share your thoughts and ideas @ EPC Swap Tank (Facebook group)


EPC Generations Connect


       * Share experiences and resources

* What resources or training would be helpful?

* Are you interested in doing an online book study?

* What are your thoughts on connecting generations?

Involvement in all-church worship and intergenerational relationships are consistently linked with mature faith in both high school and college-age young adults and makes a difference in the overall life of the church. However, with five generations in the general populace and four working and worshipping together, differences in cultural styles and preferences inevitably cause friction points in both worship and relationships. We hope to compile and share resources, stories, ideas and strategies for connecting the generations – leveraging the strengths of each generation for the building up of the Body

Share your thoughts and ideas @ EPC Generations Connect (Facebook group)

EPC NextGen Internships

  • Does your church currently employ interns?
  • What are some essential characteristics of a good mentorship/internship plan?
  • What options are available for funding an intern scholarship program?
  • What are your experiences as an intern and/or supervising interns?

This Leadership Development model would create a national internship program to place recent college graduates and seminary students at various EPC "teaching churches" throughout the country. These internships would help give local churches additional staff for relational ministry in children's, youth, and college ministries. And ministry leaders would be giving young people invaluable field experience and mentoring, thereby developing leaders for the next generation. The focus is on Training and Retaining our Next Generation of Leaders.

Share your thoughts and ideas @ EPC NextGen Internships (Facebook group)