Coming in 2013
Youth Ministry Coaching Program

Youth Leader Cohort

The Perspective of Three Youth Ministry leaders

The Perspective of Two Senior Pastors

What’s A Cohort?

  • Community of About 10 Youth Leaders
  • Participating Together in a Coaching Program
  • Facilitator Designs Program Around Group Needs
  • Customized Course Work and Assignments
  • Held Over the Course of One Year
  • Meets as a Group Every 2 or 3 Months

When Does It Start?

  • Spring 2013 – EPC Youth Cohort #1
  • Fall 2013 – ECP Youth Cohort #2


  • East of the Mississippi – Cohort #1
  • West of the Mississippi – Cohort #2

Who Should Go?

  • EPC Youth Leaders – Especially those in ministry for 2 or more years

Who Are The Leaders?

  • Student Ministries is partnering with Mark Oestreicher (Coach/Facilitator) of Youth Cartel.
  • Mark O. is an exceptional coach and has years of experience training youth leaders around the country.
  • Find out more about Youth Cartel at http://theyouthcartel.com/coaching-2/

Who Will Be There?

  • The goal is to have 10 EPC Youth Leaders in each cohort who will travel on a 1 year journey together.

What Does it Cost?

  • $3,000 for year-long program, materials and coaching. Due when it starts. 
  • Does not include travel or lodging costs.
  • Limited number of $1,000 matching-funds available, based on need.

How do I help youth leaders with their ministry development?

  • Donate to the scholarship fund now online:
    • Go to www.epc.org/coaching-in-community 
    • Click the "Donate Today" button
    • Select "Student and College Ministries," then
    • Select "Youth Ministry Coaching in Community", and enter the amount you want to donate
  • Send a check to the Evangelical Presbyterian Church designated to "Youth Ministry Coaching in Community Fund" to the address at the bottom of this page.
  • Availability of matching fund grants depends solely on the generous contributions of interested churches and individuals.

How Do I Get More Information?

  • Contact Susan Holland, Student & College Ministries Coordinator, at or 734.742.2020
  • Download a printable image