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Andrew Brunson is an EPC teaching elder who has peacefully lived in Turkey with his family since 1993 and has planted several churches. On October 7, 2016, he and his wife were arrested and sent to a detention facility. His wife was later released, though Andrew continued to be held despite no formal charges being levied.

On December 8 (after being detained for 63 days) Andrew was charged with “membership in an armed terrorist organization” and sent to prison. However, the charging documents state that no evidence has been gathered against him.

The EPC stands firmly with the Brunson family that the charges against Andrew are false and that he is being held unjustly. We have been working with them since October to secure Andrew's release. The Brunson family also has retained the American Center for Law and Justice in this effort.



You can add your voice to the thousands who have spoken on Andrew's behalf.  

Contact the White House   View the White House petition

You can contact the White House through its online form at www.whitehouse.gov/contact#page or click the button above. You also can call the White House at (202) 456-1111 and thank the administration for their efforts in securing Andrew's release, as well as ask the administration to continue to press for his safe return to the United States.

We have registered the hashtag #ForgottenAmericanInTurkey so please use it as you share Andrew's situation with your social media networks. Also, please like, share, repost, and retweet any other articles about Andrew that cross your radar (and add #ForgottenAmericanInTurkey). We have encouraged the use of the Twitter handles @WhiteHouse and @realDonaldTrump to any article you share via Twitter as a way of letting President Trump know the importance of this issue. By adding these Twitter handles, your post will appear in both Trump’s and the White House’s feed.

Also, for those on Twitter please consider setting your alarm for noon each day in your local time zone and tweeting #ForgottenAmericanInTurkey with @WhiteHouse and @realDonaldTrump.

The ACLJ is leading the international legal advocacy effort on Andrew's behalf. Click here to sign a petition in support of their efforts, which have included legal appeals of Andrew's imprisonment (which to date have been denied) and submissions to the United Nations Human Rights Council.

On February 8, we launched a “Forgotten American in Turkey” petition to get the attention of the White House. A response from White House officials was guaranteed if the petition had 100,000 signatures by March 8. While it only reached about 24,000 signatures, we received confirmation from several sources in Washington while the petition was live (and in the days following its closure) that this effort helped get Andrew's situation to the attention of the Trump administration.



Andrew's imprisonment has garnered the attention of news outlets around the world. Just a few of these articles are linked below. Please note that though many of these organizations are friends of the EPC, the EPC makes no endorsement of any potential political statement(s) made therein.

Stay apprised of efforts to secure Andrew's freedom by subscribing to EPConnection, the EPC's official news channel (click the "Follow" tab that appears in the lower right corner of your browser), and the EPC Facebook page and Twitter feed. 

American Center for Law and Justice
Andrew Brunson Facebook Page
World Witness (The Board of Foreign Missions of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church)
The Aquila Report
          "American Pastor Andrew Brunson Has Been Held in Turkey for Four Months: The President Must Act" February 7
          "EPC Pastor Andrew Brunson Formally Charged in Turkey" December 15
          "Turkish Court Rejects Appeal of American Pastor Jailed on 'Terror' Charges for Christian Faith" January 8
          "Free Pastor Andrew: Christians Rally for Missionary Jailed in Turkey" December 27
Christian News Network
          "U.S. Congressmen Call on Turkish President to Release American Pastor" February 19
          "Imprisoned American Pastor's Appeal for Release Turned Down by Turkey Court" January 3
          "Turkey Jails U.S. Pastor on 'Terrorism' Allegations" December 12
          "Christian Groups Denounce Detention of U.S. Pastor in Turkey" November 8
          "Emergency Order Broadening Turkey's Powers to Deport Foreigners Concerns Christians" November 1
The Christian Post
          "Turkish President Keeps Jailed U.S. Pastor Hostage: 'If You Don't Help Us You Will Not ... Get' Him Back" June 7
          "Turkey Accuses Imprisoned American Pastor of Giving 'Special' Sermons to Kurds, Report Says" May 22
          "ACLJ Meets with Trump, Urges Him to Bring Up Imprisoned U.S. Pastor in Meeting with Turkey's Erdoğan" May 12
          "President Trump: Please Secure Release of Pastor Brunson" April 25
          "Wife of American Pastor Imprisoned in Turkey Met With Rex Tillerson in Ankara" March 31
          "American Pastor Imprisoned in Turkey Calls on Trump to Fight for His Release" March 29
          "Turkey May Be Falsely Imprisoning American Christian Pastor Out Of Revenge" March 23
          "Turkey to Speed Up Trial of U.S. Pastor as Pressure Increases; Still No Evidence of Terror Claims" March 13
          "Why Has Turkey Imprisoned This Pastor?" February 24
          "Why Has Turkey Imprisoned U.S. Pastor on Terror Charges Without Evidence?" February 21
          "78 Members of Congress Urge Turkey President to Release U.S. Pastor" February 19
          "Franklin Graham, Saeed Abedini Push for Release of U.S. Pastor Andrew Brunson Imprisoned in Turkey" January 2
          "Turkey Denies Appeal for American Pastor Jailed in on 'Terror' Charges for Christian Faith" January 2
          "Pastor Andrew Brunson's Ordeal in Turkey" December 19
          "American Pastor Imprisoned in Turkey on 'Terror Threat' Charges for Christian Faith" December 15
Fox News 
          "Trump, Pence press for release of jailed pastor in meeting with Turkey's president" May 16
          "Trump commits to securing American pastor's release from Turkish prison, family lawyer says" May 12
          "U.S. pastor held in Turkey appeals to Trump: 'Please help me'" March 30
          "Daughter of U.S. pastor held in Turkey seeking Trump's help to secure release" March 17
          "Supporters of American pastor jailed in Turkey say he is scapegoat, push for his return to U.S." February 22
          "Sen. Lankford: Imprisoned pastor in Turkey must be released immediately" January 18
          "Franklin Graham, Saeed Abedini push for release of U.S. pastor imprisoned in Turkey" January 4
          "Family fights for release of U.S. pastor jailed in Turkey on terrorism charges" December 14
International Christian Concern
          "Turkey Uses American Pastor as a Pawn" March 22
          "North Carolina Pastor Remains Imprisoned in Turkey" March 13
          "78 Members of Congress Urge Turkey President to Release U.S. Pastor" February 21
          "37 Senators and 41 Representatives Call on Turkish President to Release Imprisoned American Pastor" February 16
          "Turkish Court Rejects Appeal of American Pastor Jailed on 'Terror' Charges for Christian Faith" January 2
          "American Pastor Andrew Brunson Wrongfully Imprisoned in Turkey" December 17
          "American Christian Andrew Brunson Imprisoned by Turkish Authorities" December 14
          "Mounting Concerns About Detained U.S. Couple in Turkey" October 28
Presbyterian Lay Committee 
          "Jailed Missionary Andrew Brunson Living 'Dark Days' in Turkey" May 2
          "Wife of Imprisoned American Pastor Andrew Brunson Receives Personal Letter from Vice President Pence" April 12
          "Brunson's Message to Trump: 'Please Do Not Leave Me Here'" March 30
          "Turkish PM Considers Speeding Up Trial of Jailed American Pastor" March 10
          "U.S. Senate Letter to Turkey Garners 78 Congressional Signatures to Release Andrew Brunson" February 17
          "Presbyterian Pastor a ‘Pawn’ for Turkey" February 14
          "White House Petition Launched on Behalf of Andrew Brunson" February 7
          "A Christian Pastor in Turkey's Prisons" January 3
          "Turkey Detains American, Presbyterian Pastor Over Terrorism Claims" December 19
          "Imprisoned American Pastor Formally Charged in Turkey" December 15
World Watch Monitor 
          "Turkey vote 'could lead to hate crimes against non-Muslims'" April 21
          "Secretary of State Tillerson meets wife of U.S. pastor jailed in Turkey" March 31
          "Turkish Prime Minister: we could accelerate U.S. pastor's trial" March 16
          "Turkish court blocks U.S. Christian's deportation" February 17
          "Turkey nightclub-massacre accused says he targeted Christians" February 14
          "Turkey rejects initial appeal to release jailed U.S. pastor" January 4
          "Turkey jails U.S. pastor on 'terrorism' allegations" December 9

"Experts: Lawyer's Representation of Jailed Pastor, Trump Poses no Ethics Issue"
          Voice of America, July 4
"President of Turkey Seizes Control of 50 More Churches"
          Pakistan Christian Post, July 3
"U.S. pastor remains political hostage in Ankara"
          Al-Monitor, May 31
"Turkey accuses jailed American pastor of delivering special sermons to Kurds"
          Christian Daily, May 25
"'Justice is all we want': Fight for American pastor jailed in Turkey continues"
          Christian Today, May 23
"Pro-Erdoğan Paper Calls Jailed American Pastor 'CIA Agent'"
          CBN News, May 22
"Erdoğan daily: 'CIA pastor' engineered coup attempt in Turkey"
          Turkish Minute, May 20
"U.S. Pastor jailed in Turkey accused of special sermons to Kurds, contact with Gülen movement"
          Hurriyet Daily News, May 18
"President Trump calls for Black Mountain pastor's release from Turkey"
          WLOS News 13 (ABC affiliate in Asheville, N.C.), May 17
"Trump presses Turkey's Erdoğan to release jailed U.S. pastor"
          CNN, May 17
"Trump urges Turkish president to release jailed American pastor"
          Washington (D.C.) Times, May 16
"Trump 'Goes to Bat' for Imprisoned Pastor Andrew Brunson"
          CBN News, May 16
"Trump and Turkey's president hail 'new era' despite sharp disagreements"
          Los Angeles Times, May 16
"Erdoğan to Visit Trump Amid Rising Tensions Between the U.S. and Turkey"
          Time, May 15
"Erdoğan visits Trump, amid much friction between U.S., Turkey"
          ABC News, May 15
"Erdoğan's Prisoner: How an American pastor, improbably accused of terrorism, became a pawn in U.S.-Turkey relations"
          Slate, May 15
"Religious Freedom and Human Rights Advocates to Pray and Peacefully Risk Arrest in Front of White House During the President of Turkey's Visit There this Tuesday"
          Standard Newswire, May 15
"Standing Against 'Strong Man' Rule: An Opportunity for Trump with Erdoğan's Turkey"
          Modern Diplomacy, May 13
"Trump Should Adopt an International Religious-Freedom Policy with Teeth"
          National Review, May 12
"Right to Religious Liberty"
          National Catholic Register, May 5
"Entertainment, freedom of information in crosshairs of Turkey's purge"
          Mission Network News, May 3
"Jailed Missionary with local ties living 'dark days' in Turkey"
          USA Today, April 29
"Turqui: les minorités craignent plus de persécution"
          Portes Ouvertes (Open Doors International), April 26
"Calls intensify for release of TEDS alumnus Andrew Brunson in Turkey"
          Trinity Evangelical Divinity School News, April 24
"The American Pastor at Erdoğan's Mercy"
          Jewish News Service, April 20
"American Pastor Jailed in Turkey Asks Trump to End His Nightmare"
          CBN News, April 19
"Erdoğan's Enhanced Powers 'Terrible News' for Turkish Christians"
          CBN News, April 18
"Commentary: As Turkey persecutes a Christian pastor, what price freedom?"
          Orlando Sentinel, April 15 
"VP Pence on American Pastor Jailed in Turkey: 'Andrew's Release' is 'Extremely Important' to White House"
          Breitbart News, April 15
"Amid U.S. Calls For Release, American Pastor Remains Behind Bars In Turkey"
          National Public Radio, April 13
"Jailed missionary Andrew Brunson's sister: 'We believe God is with him'"
          Christian Today, April 11
"Sister of Christian Pastor Jailed in Turkey: 'We Love Him and Want Him Back'"
          Breitbart News, April 10
"Imprisonment of Christian pastor in Turkey signals President Erdoğan's hard shift"
          The Catholic World Report, April 8
"Rex Tillerson meets with wife of pastor accused of terrorist affiliation"
          CBS News, March 31
"Tillerson Meets Wife of Jailed American Pastor in Turkey"
          NBC News, March 31
"Tillerson meets wife of U.S. pastor jailed in Turkey"
          The Lebanon Daily Star, March 31
"Rex Tillerson Has Surprise Meeting With Wife Of American Pastor Jailed In Turkey"
          The Daily Caller, March 30
"Turkey may push up imprisoned American pastor's trial"
          Mission Network News, March 22
"Turkey to consider speeding up jailed American pastor's trial, prime minister says"
          Christian Daily, March 17
"Turkish PM considers speeding up trial of jailed American pastor"
          USA Today, March 9
"'Extremely Shocking' Detention of North Carolina Pastor by Turkey Drags On"
          PJ Media, March 7
"Courts Split on U.S. Christians Caught Up in Turkey's Crackdown"
          Christianity Today, February 23
"No explanation from Turkey on pastor imprisoned over terror charges without evidence"
          Christian Daily, February 23
"Burr, Tillis seek release of Black Mountain native"
          Asheville (N.C.) Citizen-Times, February 17
"78 U.S. lawmakers call for release of jailed pastor"
          Baptist Press (Southern Baptist news service), February 17
"Congressional Leaders Seek Release of American Pastor Unjustly Detained in Turkey"
          U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs, February 16
"Congressional Leaders Seek Release of American Pastor Unjustly Detained in Turkey"
          U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, February 16
"NC pastor arrested for terrorism abroad"
          WCNC (NBC affiliate in Charlotte, N.C.), February 16
"Congressional Leaders Seek Release of American Pastor Unjustly Detained In Turkey"
          The Chattanoogan, February 16
"Congress Demands Release of American Pastor Jailed in Turkey On Bogus Terror Charges"
          The Daily Caller, February 16
"Evangelical Presbyterian Church launches petition to free imprisoned pastor in Turkey"
          Washington (D.C.) Times, February 10
"Family: Turkey Holding North Carolina Pastor Prisoner for Being a Christian"
          Breitbart News, February 6
"American Pastor Andrew Brunson has been held captive in Turkey for four months. The President must act."
          Hot Air, February 6
"A Family Nightmare as N.C. Pastor Held in Turkish Prison"
          WTVD (ABC affiliate in Raleigh, N.C.), February 3
"Appeal denied for American pastor imprisoned in Turkey"
          Mission Network News, January 30
"U.S. pastor in Turkish jail while Gulen dominates talks"
          Al-Monitor, January 19
"Turkey’s wavering support for religious freedom: An imprisoned U.S. pastor must be released immediately"
          Washington (D.C.) Times, January 16
"Wheaton Grad Missionary Detained in Turkey"
          The Wheaton Record, January 12
"A Christian Pastor in Turkey’s Prisons"
          Wall Street Journal, January 3
"N.C. pastor charged with terrorism denied release from Turkish prison"
          Charlotte (N.C.) Observer, December 29
"Turkey denies appeal for jailed Christian pastor"
          World Net Daily, December 29
"Dunwoody church joins fight to free American pastor jailed with ISIS fighters"
          Atlanta Journal-Constitution, December 21
"Free Pastor Andrew: Christians Rally for Missionary Jailed in Turkey"
          Christianity Today, December 20
"Family fights for release of U.S. pastor jailed in Turkey on 'terrorism' charges"
          New York Post, December 14
"Red Alert! Protestant Couple 'Security Threat' to Turkey!"
          Gatestone Institute, Octiber 22
"Turkey orders deportation of American pastor for missionary activities"
          Christian Times, October 21

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